International Freight Forwarder

ISO 9001 - ISO 14001



Management policy

Our Company has more than nighteen years of experience in providing Foreign Trade integrated services according to our customers´ particular needs.

Our mission

Integral Cargo S.R.L. offers Foreign Trade services to a select client portfolio, providing the most accurate and personalized attention through the best human, technological and technical resources.

Our aims

Integral Cargo S.R.L. aims at turning into a leading Company offering Foreign Trade services through the ruling principles of quality, efficiency and leadership.​

Our principles

In Integral Cargo S.R.L., we work to:

  • Fulfil Quality and Environmental requirements.

  • Continuously improve our service and attention.

  • Keep environmentally-friendly and prevent pollution.

  • Comply with current legal requirements and our customers’ needs.

  •  Select the most qualified human resources and train our work team so as to offer the best service in the market.

  • Commit ourselves to fulfil these internal rules and contribute towards sustainability.


ISO 9001 - ISO 14001 Certifications

In a process of continuous improvement, last December 2016, Integral Cargo  started working to implement ISO 9001 - ISO 14001 International Standards.

ISO 9001 provides quality management systems which are of real benefit to our organization in order to help manage business effectively and put in place the best practice methodology.

ISO 14001 provides our Company with practical tools to manage environmental responsibilities.

Today, we are proud to inform that we have been awarded both Certifications.

To download Certifications: