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Integral Cargo - socially involved.

Together with different organizations and associations in Argentina, we are actively involved in contributing to the community we belong to.

We deeply believe that it is our responsibility to make the world a better place for us all.

UV en Maza

Lego League

Integral Cargo is the "UV en Maza" official sponsor for second year now.

Our Projects


UV en Maza

Lego League

Esteban Echeverría College

Integral Cargo is the "UV en Maza" official sponsor for second year now.

The team will represent Argentina in the Lego League Robotics World Final taking place in Uruguay this month.

The Robotics workshop at Esteban Echeverría School earned the second place in the First Lego League (FLL) last December in Argentina. Thus, they will have the chance to compete in the next FLL taking place on May 30th, 31st and June 1st in Montevideo, Uruguay.

Congratulations to this great team! We are proud of being part of this experience with you.

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Paso de los Libres

Integral Cargo is the Newcom Team official sponsor.


This team groups together elderly people from Paso de los Libres, Corrientes.

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NEWCOM Cef22 members were interviewed by Yamila Ibarra for STV News and by 721 FM radio programme.






Because we believe that playing games is a must for children, Integral Cargo SRL and Haciendo Lio NGO are collecting toys for them next Christmas.


Playing cannot be an option for children, it is a right! Your donations of toys, either new ones or secondhand, will make many of them very happy.

We can all help children have a better childhood!


Integral Cargo SRL will donate USD 5 per shipment to Haciendo Lio NGO.


Get to know more about this campaign and Haciendo Lio NGO through its


Official Site:
Facebook: Haciendo Lío
Instagram and Twitter: @haciendolio_ok


Let´s make children happy!

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Paper recycling programme.

Fundación Garrahan

Since we are highly committed to the preservation of the environment we participate in the Fundación Garrahan paper recycling programme.




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H2O en Maza

Lego League 2018

Integral Cargo, official sponsor of “H2O en Maza”, a group of six students who will represent Argentina in the Lego League Robotics World Final from April 18th to April 21st in Houston, USA.
The students at Esteban Echeverría School got the first place in the Robotics, Programming and Video Games Olympics fourth edition in Montevideo, Uruguay.

We share with you links to different publications about this great team! 

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Obra Don Orione

Tigre - Buenos Aires

Integral Cargo has been collaborating with Santa Rosa Home – Don Orione Charity in different ways for many years.

We’d like to invite you all to join us in this charitable project.

Santa Rosa Home is located at 348 Victorica Avenue, Tigre, Buenos Aires. It started working in an old house that had been donated by the Valle family in 1972 and it was adapted later on in order to devote attention to 41 women with different types of disabilities.

These women take part in different workshops, such as weaving, Arts, knitting and music. The activities are coordinated by both professionals and volunteers.

The sisters in this Charity organize bingo games and fairs in order to collect money to support the project.

The aim of having a three-floor building is about to be achieved thanks to the voluntary contributions and donations they get.


Let’s make this dream come true.

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