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Integral Cargo S.R.L. counts on a Customs Department with Customs Agents duly authorized by the General Customs Administration Office, as well as Customs Classifiers and Declarers at the Customs office in downtown Buenos Aires, Ezeiza and in the Free Trade Area in La Plata.

The Company also works in permanent connection with “María” Software through its own network.

  • Customs Management.

  • Making up, presentation and handling of documents according to the corresponding destination.

  • Shipping on consignment.

  • Temporal impo and expo regime for industrial development and its corresponding TAD procedure.

  • Cargo “In Transit” to Free Trade Areas and any Customs offices in the country.

  • Monitored container shipping - We work with legally authorized transport companies and they also provide the satellite seals as required by law.

  • Refund claims monitoring.

  • Advice on Foreign Trade current legal requirements.

  • Shipment coordination, supervision and control.

  • Tariff classification of any type of goods.

  • Handling of documents and special proceedings at official institutions.

  • Clearance of samples.

  • Customs Transport Agent.

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Integral Cargo S.R.L. offers to keep custody over goods in transit from any port, bonded warehouse, La Plata Free Trade Area, Ezeiza International Airport and any other place in the country until their storage, or vice versa, according to the needs of the customer.

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Import / Export transport services: Air freight - Ocean freight - Trucking.

The Company offers different import and export transport services: Air Freight, Ocean Freight and Trucking.


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Air freight

  • General Cargo.

  • Live animals.

  • Frozen and perishable Cargo.

  • Dangerous Cargo.

  • Special packaging authorized by international regulations.

Ocean freight

  • Full Container Load (FCL).

  • Consolidated Cargo.

  • Less than Container Load (LCL).

  • Reefer.

  • Perishable Cargo.

  • Special dimensions.

  • Dangerous Cargo.

  • Special packaging authorized by international regulations.



  • International Freight.

  • Logistics and domestic distribution.

  • Consolidated Cargo.

  • Exclusive Trucks.

  • Special packaging authorized by international regulations.

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Transport Service and national distribution of goods. 

• Vans for small freight.
• Trucks.
• Flatbed trucks for 20’ ST containers.
• Semitrailer for 40’ ST containers.
• Special trucks for high cube, flat rack and open top containers.
• Dangerous goods transportation clearance. 
• Door to door service all around the country.
• Domestic and local distribution of goods.
• Delivery follow-up and report. 
• Roundtrip transportation.
• Operations analysis and continuous assessment for process development.



  • Door to door international moving.

  • Cars import / export.

  • Pet transport.

  • Packaging making.

  • Storage.

  • Customs proceedings.

  • International and domestic freight.



Outsourcing has become a well-known business strategy all around the world. This practice is being followed by many Companies which are in search of better quality service and need to focus on other business needs.

By implementing Outsourcing, Integral Cargo S.R.L. offers:

  • To eliminate fixed costs and improve variable costs.

  • “In Company” skilled staff.

  • To provide support to develop new markets.

  • To carry out an initial survey of the logistic areas in the Company. 

  • To analyse logistics internal costs.  

  • To improve processes and save costs.

  • To provide direct assistance and supervision.

  • To adapt service according to our customers’ needs.

  • To carry out regular follow-up work to processes and deviations.

  • To conduct regular customer satisfaction surveys.

  • To simplify the Company management systems.

Your Company can count on the efficiency of specialized business if you choose outsourcing your Foreign Trade Department with us!



We count on a specific area to manage general import and commerce regulations set by the different enforcement agencies in Argentina.

Certifications, Exceptions, Registrations and other procedures related to:

  • Electrical safety. 

  • Toys.

  • Steels.

  • Batteries.

  • Personal safety items.

  • Inks and other products for graphic design.

  • Legal metrology.

  • Energy efficiency.

  • Secretary of the Environment, Ozone and Gas Appliances Regulations.

  • ANMAT, INAL Regulations.


transport INSURANCE

All risk coverage for brand new goods:

  • No franchise deductible.

  • No deductibles.

  • Door to door.

  • Gross average.

  • Loading and unloading.

  • Including coverage for up to 60 days in transitional storage.

  • Including coverage for up to 60 days at destination port.

Surety insurance.

Customs guarantees:

  • Trucking.

  • Temporary import or export.

  • Difference of rights.

  • Lack of documents.

  • Importers / Exporters registration.


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